Our Services...

Couple's therapy

In couple's therapy, the therapist supports the individuals to resolve conflict, improve communication, and deepen emotional bonds. Pre-martial and family counseling services are available upon request.

Individual Therapy

One-to-one clinical services are provided in-person or remotely. In therapy, the therapist starts by completing an intake assessment to learn about the presenting concern and explore the individual's life history. Once the intake assessment is completed, the clinician partners with the client to develop a treatment plan with goals and objectives.

Community and Corporate opportunities

Providing services to any institution, non-profit and corporate, seeking expert behavioral health services. Services are customized to fit the needs of the client. Options for services includes one-to-one consultations, workshops, trainings and speaking engagements.

Group Therapy

An opportunity to connect with others that share a similar experience. Group therapy is most beneficial to individuals seeking a sense of community.Types of groups available:

  • Grief
  • Substance Use
  • Depression/Anxiety

Clinical Supervision

Available Starting January 2022 for graduates seeking to earn hours towards LSW/LCSW licensure.

Life Coaching

Have you been feeling stuck lately? Perhaps, you're struggling with deciding what's next in your life? Maybe it's time to hire a Life Coach! Please reach out to Sharika to schedule a free consultation call to assess if she can support you to develop your vision and action steps.

Our focus areas includes:




Life Transitions


Grief and Loss



Relationship Troubles



Career Concerns


Parenting Problems


Family Matters

Social Justice Issues

Bloom where you are planted.....

My goal is to meet you right in your pain, your despair, and your hopelessness -but we won’t stay there. Instead, we’ll work on restoring your peace and joy by recognizing your strengths and achieving your goals.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

I've tried several therapist before you, but you are the only one that understands for me.
I love having a black woman as my therapist!