Let's pursue peace, passion, and purpose together.

Welcome to She Ignites Counseling Services

She Ignites Counseling focus areas includes:

Trauma, life transitions, grief and loss, depression, relationships troubles, anxiety, career concerns, parenting problems, family matters, criminal and social justice issues.

You are not alone. That fear, anxiety, depression or grief is really starting to settle in and it’s a normal reaction to being involved in a crisis. The world is in crisis , but you don’t have to suffer alone.

About Us

Sharika House operates as the lead therapist within the practice.  Her services are designed to help others achieve peace, discover their passion, and learn how to live on purpose. The practice is support by Executive Administrative Assistant, Isaac Hayes. Together, they aim to create and inspire change. 

All of our customers trust their success to us

“I’ve tried several therapist before you, but you are the only one that understands me.”



Bloom where you are planted.....

My goal is to meet you right in your pain, your despair, and your hopelessness -but we won’t stay there. Instead, we’ll work on restoring your peace and joy by recognizing your strengths and achieving your goals.